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Vision: To contribute to regional and international young and queer woman-led feminist organising, and engage in education, advocacy,  and policy reform around women’s rights and gender justice.

Mission:  To raise consciousness through digital advocacy, the delivery of programs and coalition building that facilitates the empowerment of women and girls. Through skills and information sharing, providing mentorship and building the capacity of young feminists to engage in policy change and other critical issues around sex and gender discrimination, inclusion and rights, towards building a better world for ourselves and future generations


Background: WOMANTRA is a linguistic blend of the words, woman and mantra. This original portmanteau is the brain-child of Trinidadian multimedia artist Michelle Isava, who performed a ritual of the same name in 2008.


The performance involved the artist drawing seven concentric circles around herself, chanting ‘the hole is whole’. This embodied message of sacred femininity resonated deeply with the project of WOMANTRA, which took shape 3 years later and exists as a tribute to the power and resilience of women.

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